We always make sure you understand your treatment costs and are extremely satisfied with the results.

We recommend that private patients consider joining our Practice Payment Plan.

Treatment Price List
Standard consultation £65.00
New Patient consultation £75.00
Small digital Xray £14.50
Digital OPG £72.00
Preventative care
Hygienist 45 mins £96.00
Hygienist 60 mins £130.00
Emergency care
Out of hours attendance fee from £150.00
Prescription antibiotics/analgesics £9.00
Sedative dressing from £85
Incising and abscess from £85
Silver fillings from £80.00
White fillings from £85.00 to £395.00
Porcelain jacket crown from £695.00
Bonded crown from £695.00
Cast gold crown from £695.00
Bridgework (per unit) from £695.00
Extraction of first tooth From £120.00
Multiple extractions From £90.00
Root canal treatment
Opening and dressing from £165.00
Molar root canal treatment from £650
Premolar root canal treatment from £600
Incisor root canal treatment from £600
Full dentures (acrylic) from £800.00
Full metal dentures from £1,250.00
Partial dentures (acrylic) from £850.00
Partial metal dentures from £1,250.00
Dental implants
Titanium implant from £1,300.00
Crown to restore implant from £1,200.00
Mouth guards
Mouth guard (clear) from £120.00
Inman Aligners
For one arch (depending on complexity) from £2,500.00
For two arches (depending on complexity) from £4,500.00
Smile Makeover
Mini Smile Makeover (including Home Whitening & Composite Bonding) £1495.00
Natural Smile Makeover (including Invisalign, Whitening & 6 Teeth composite edge bondig) £3995.00
Invisalign with Whitening £3250.00
Vivera Retainers £500.00
Other services
Air polish £120.00
Perfect white 10 minute tooth whitening £250.00
Study models £120.00
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