Our specialist periodontist provides advanced gum treatment to help treat more challenging cases of gum disease that have progressed beyond the early stages. This treatment can include root planing (debridement) which removes deposits from the root surface and reduces inflammation of the gum tissue.

If gum disease has caused significant damage, our specialist Periodontist, Dr Horwitz, can use advanced techniques to reconstruct lost gum tissue. As well as placing implants, he also carries out advanced bone augmentation procedures to improve support for teeth that may otherwise have been lost and to recreate gum architecture. When too much bone has been lost in the upper jaw (maxilla) and implants cannot be placed, Dr Horwitz can perform a sinus lift. This procedure increases bone volume in the upper jaw so implants can be firmly supported.

Dr Horwitz undertook three years of specialist training in Periodontology at the Eastman Dental Institute and is a member of the British Society of Periodontology.

Advanced periodontal disease requires excellent care at home to keep it in check. We can teach you the most effective brushing and interdental cleaning techniques, as well as offering healthy lifestyle tips.